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New Borderlands 2 Details Revealed


Borderlands 2 was officially announced last week after speculation on the loot-tastic title being in development hit the internet. In a blowout article for the latest GameInformer, several Borderlands 2 details were revealed. The core four-player experience is back and better than ever, but Gearbox is promising even more exciting new features and additions to the 2012 game. The newly revealed details can be seen below:

- Co-op will probably be 4 players - Vehicles will have variety - One vehicle: Bandit Technical - One vehicle will have four seats - Eridium – enhance weapons - Eridium is a form of currency - Salvador: Gunzerker, can dual-wield with any weapon - Vault Hunters from the first game will be NPCs - Bandits can access their own type of weaponry - Unique styling, color, personality for each manufacturer - Custom decals/enhancements for weapons - More responsive enemies, more varied, better AI, improvement so that they interact with each other better - NPCs will also be improved, will move around more - Interacting dialogue for players - Skill tree will be similar to the first game (3 branch system) - Claptrap seems to be returning - Apparently there won’t be any old weapons - Story missions won’t be static - Some pickups will provide temporary buffs - Each manufacturer will have their own visual styling/theme. The purpose of this is to be able to easily identify a weapon's manufacturer and quality by simple looking at it. No manufacturers will have the same looking gun - NPC's will be fully animated and move around their locations, interacting with objects within their locations - Gearbox wants to make 4 seating standard on each vehicle - Class mods and Artifacts will be returning - BL2's skill tree will maintain the 3 Branch system and have more defined abilities rather than simple stat boosts. It is unknown how many skills will occupy each branch - 2 Gunzerker Skills were mentioned. One, increases the fire rate of any weapon the longer the trigger is held down. A second, while Dual-wielding, increases accuracy with same class weapons, or doubles damage for different class weapons

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