New Batman: Arkham City Details Revealed

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New details on Batman: Arkham City have surfaced thanks to the most recent cover story of the UK magazine Play.

The six page blowout revealed several Arkham City details centering around the Detective Mode. These details can be seen below:

-- Arkham City is full of little hints and nods, when entering Crime Alley, a button prompt allows Batman to pay respects to his parents. -- Detective mode features a surveillance system that allows Batman to eavesdrop on enemies, patient players will be able to discover a lot of the story by simply stopping and listening, though there are red herrings and "Chinese whispers" everywhere. -- Arkham City will feature a compass system at the top of the screen that directs players where to go, when Detective Mode is activated, this compass will disappear, combined with the limited ability to view the environment, this makes navigating the City in Detective Mode difficult. -- Getting attacked whilst in Detective Mode will cause it short out, and Batman's vision will resort to normal. -- Arkham City will feature Elite enemies, like Tyger Guards or the well equipped thugs of the Penguin, they will carry jammers that disable Batman's Detective Mode; "You've then got to identify them, find them and take them out to allow you use it again and carry on" says Dax Ginn. -- Catwoman's Thief Vision highlights the City in an orange hue, and enemies become bright white.

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