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New Adventure from Hanako Games Explores the World of Dreams

November 13, 2007

New Adventure From Hanako Games Explores The World Of Dreams

A free trial version of Fatal Hearts is now available for download and play

Ice blue eyes appear in a swirling mist. A far-off voice calls out your name. Eerie howls echo across empty streets. And a young woman is found violently murdered. Either you're dreaming or you're playing Fatal Hearts, the new downloadable adventure game for the PC from anime game maker Hanako Games.

Fatal Hearts places you at the heart of a story about choice and destiny. As Christina, you must uncover the secrets behind your dreams and choose your friends carefully. You must also avoid becoming a victim yourself as you solve puzzles and overcome challenges.

Featuring a replayable, branching storyline, Fatal Hearts offers 14 unique endings, with different puzzles appearing throughout the game depending on the path you take. What's more, gorgeous hand-drawn locations and anime characters grace each screen, making Fatal Hearts as visually compelling as it is intriguing to play.

You'll never experience boredom or frustration while playing Fatal Hearts, as once you solve a puzzle, you'll be given the option to skip it in the future, and the game automatically saves your progress. In addition, solving puzzles and navigating your way through the story is as easy as pointing, clicking and sometimes dragging your mouse.

Click here to download the free demo of Fatal Hearts. Owners of the registered version receive an electronic strategy guide and free technical support.

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