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New Xenoblade trailer demonstrates how to craft gems

Any Xenoblade Chronicles fans out there looking to make your equipment stronger through GEM Crafting? Find out how in this tutorial video.

The process of gem crafting requires you to select different components until one or more of the collective qualities of the components you have selected exceeds 100%, or you can also start crafting with only two components which do not give you a quality with a strength over 100%.

You choose two people to operate the gem crafing furnace. They have different qualities depending on which position they take (i.e. as "Shooter" or "Engineer"). Each character's Shooter/Engineer ability is unique.

Any qualities with strengths below 100% can become a phial for crafting another time. The number of phials you can create after a successful crafting round is determined by the cylinder count (which is raised by gentle flames). When seeking to make the highest-strength gems possible, it's often desirable to fall just short of actually creating a gem -- instead creating refined cylinders for the target property / properties with strength as close to 99% as possible; in this way, it's much easier to achieve "Heat" and "Mega Heat" status.

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