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New Xbox Live Rewards program earns you credit toward real money

Xbox Rewards

Microsoft has come up with a new, and rather brilliant way to reward its loyal users by implementing a new rewards program based on Credits. The way it works is pretty simple. By completing various 'objectives' through Xbox Live, you earn a certain amount of Credits. Then, those Credits can be converted into real dollar amounts on your account, letting you spend them freely on digital downloads.

Right now there are 10 objectives in total, which you can check out below:

Xbox Live Rewards

What's also cool, and this is something I think should have been implemented much earlier, are reward credits based on your Gamerscore. Essentially what that means is everytime you spend $10 on Xbox Live, you'll get a certain amount of reward credits back. Depending on your tier, which ranges from Contender all the way to Master, you'll get anywhere from 50 Reward Credits to 300 Reward Credits per every $10.

Gamerscore reward tier

Looking back, being so obsessed with getting my Gamerscore up will finally off.

You can check out the new Rewards program right here, and sign up.

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