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New Xbox 720 rumors prove we know nothing about the next Xbox

Xbox One Controller

Just two hours ago, Gamesradar reported rumors from an anonymous source that says the Xbox 720 always-online rumors are false. They also said the system is backwards compatible. Both strike me as odd, considering Microsoft creative director Adam Orth was fired from the company over telling people to "deal with" always-on consoles. You can read the anonymous document that shoots down the rumors, as well as mention specs.

The report says that you are not required to connect to the internet to play Durango games, and that it was never even considered by Microsoft. As for the backwards compatibility issue, the Durango will have an Xbox 360 system-on-a-chip. It will be 100 percent backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games, in addition to providing some extra processing power. 

These rumors go against every other rumor we've heard thus far. What this comes down to is using rumors to debunk other rumors. It proves we know absolutely nothing until Microsoft makes their big, anticipated reveal. Still, at least it's something more hopeful than everything we've heard so far.

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