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New World of Warcraft human models are looking pretty manly


We must be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon… BE A MAN! No, World of Warcraft isn’t adapting Mulan songs, but they ARE revamping the way their human models will look. For the record, my intro song choices were either from Mulan or Rob Zombie.

Let’s face it, WoW is reaching the more venerable years of its existence. Due to this, the models and art are going a bit outdated. For this reason, the art team over at Blizzard and taking on the priority to update how everything looks. This time, it’s the human male. The side by side comparison truly is night(elf) and day. They just look… well, better. The scape of detail and fidelity are through the roof.

Dare I say, the new model just looks more, well, human? It does. Check out the images for yourself. It’s almost like some sort artsy perfume ad. Maybe he’s born with it? 

Human head


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