New Wii U update lets you transfer data to a new console

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Wii U firmware version 5.1.0 U adds the ability to transfer save data from one Wii U to another, provided both consoles are present.

The data transfer completely overwrites the receiving system’s storage. The feature’s FAQ shows that “save data originally created on the target Wii U will no longer be available after the system transfer is completed, even if it is stored on a USB device.” Fortunately, externally stored data taken from the original system will be accessible on the target Wii U.

To complete the transfer, you’ll need both Wii U consoles, an SD card capable of holding all system and save data and a network connection allowing both systems to be connected. The feature can be accessed through System Settings.

The update also allows eShop navigation via Wii Remote and Wii U Pro or Classic controller, as opposed to limiting the store to the Gamepad. 

[via Destructoid]

Austin Wood
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