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New waterproofing technology ensures bathtub gaming


Though I've luckily never lost a device to liquid spillage, I've had more than my fair share of close calls, bumped coffee mugs and jostled beer bottles threatening to drench my beloved portable consoles. Luckily, I may soon have a surefire solution to my clumsiness.  The scientists at Liquipel, mocking god and his liquids with their titular creation, have created a nanocoating which completely repels the mighty H20 compound and all its electronic-frying powers. 

Right now the Liquipel coating treatment is only available for smartphones, charging about $60-$80 to dunk your device in whatever magic goo makes the technology work. But given the high price tag of the PS Vita, we've gotta say that we'd consider dummy-proofing our baby if given the chance. Or maybe to keep it from getting dunked we could put the Vita in a big box, and add a TV out so we won't risk the screen. And maybe a seperate control device could come out from the box, which could be replaced if damaged. The games too could be seperate, in case the memory card gets corrupted...


Never mind.

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