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New Watch Dogs trailer offers a different perspective of some older gameplay footage

Ubisoft has released a somewhat new trailer for the upcoming open-world game Watch Dogs; or rather, it's the same footage that was shown at Sony's PS4 conference, but from the perspective of authorities. At its core, the video is more of a walkthrough, with a ctOS (Central Operating System) operator guiding us through Aiden Pearce's actions.

The operator explains to us, in detail, how Pearce can breach the ctOS at will, securing bank account information to withdraw stolen funds, gaining access to citizens' private information, and even manipulating the city's systems to use it against authorities. As the operator notes, Pearce isn't just your typical hacker. When the central operating system isn't available, he relies on more traditional methods: a gun and his athleticism to escape from danger. As we learned at PAX East this weekend, the choices you make throughout the game will affect the way the game unfolds.

Watch Dogs is due out holiday season 2013 for all home consoles, including the PS4 and Wii U. Latest research from Fizziology indicates that Watch Dog is the most anticipated PS4 game.

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