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New Warframe update, The Second Dream, finally comes to consoles

And it's a doozy

New Warframe update, The Second Dream, finally comes to consoles

I have to give it to Digital Extremes, they're absolutely killing it with Warframe. In the free-to-play age we live in, it's great to see them handle the game with such care and attention. While the PC version had the amazing Second Dream update for some time now, but today, consoles finally get in on the action.

The Second Dream update not only brings loads of extra content to the game, it also adds some changes to existing mechanics.

First and foremost, the update introduces the first cinematic quest, which explores a secret that cuts to the heart of what it means to be a Tenno.

The new Warframe, Ivara the Huntress, is also available. Her skills include:

  • Quiver -- Cycle through and shoot one of four tactical arrows:
    • Cloak Arrow: Creates a defensive bubble cloaking allies and shielding them from attacks.
    • Dashwire Arrow: Fires a zipline.
    • Slumber Arrow: Induces a temporary slumber in target.
    • Intrigue Arrow: Creates a noise at the point of impact to attract enemies.
  • Navigator -- Assume control of a projectile and guide it to its targets.
  • Prowl -- Become invisible, steal loot from unsuspecting enemies then go on the offensive with increased headshot damage.
  • Artemis Bow -- Summon a mighty bow and unleash a volley of devastating arrows.

The new PvP map, Orokin Moonbase, will be vailable, where players can battle for supremacy in the ruins of an Orokin Lunar outpost, and continue to master the Ways of Old.

Lastly, those looking for more endgame content will be happy with the new Sortie System. These missions are only for experienced Tenno that can be completed solo or with a group.

  • Each Sortie Mission will have its own unique requirements or enemy modifiers, favoring Tenno that have a versatile Arsenal.
  • Players can access Sortie Missions through the new Sortie Icon through the upper right hand corner of the World State Window in Navigation.
  • Sortie Missions will change daily, and players must complete all three Missions to receive a reward from that Season's pool.
  • New Sortie Seasons will be introduced regularly with updated loot tables.
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