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New Warframe PS4 update brings 'most ambitious changes to date'

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Yesterday, Digital Extremes released Update 14, "The Mad Cephalon," for the PS4 version of Warframe. Described as containing the "most ambitious changes to date," the update brings a complete overhaul to the player UI, while adding new companions, a new player ship, and the Infested Breeding Grounds event.

It all centers around Vor's Prize, Warframe's first quest in the newly introduced quest system. With a completely overhauled tutorial, you'll now have a better understanding of the games mechanics, including how to use Warframe powers and acquiring starter mods. Should you choose to partake in the tutorial, you'll be treated like a new player, temporarily needed to unlock features like the Marketplace, Arsenal, Mods and the Foundry before gaining access to them again. None of your previous progress will be interrupted either.

A portion of Vor's Prize is dedicated to helping rebuild the new Liset ship. Each part you recover will give you access to features like the Mod station or Foundry. Once rebuilt, you'll be able to choose to interact with Warframe's menus directly through each of the Liset's terminals, or pull up the quick access to navigate between the game's menus.

Update 14 also introduces Breeding Grounds, a special event that introduces the Hive Infestation game type. Hive Infestation takes place on a transport ship twisted with mutating infestation. "It's our most creative and probably grossest tileset yet," Digital Extremes associate producer Pat Kudirka said.

There's also the Mirage Warframe that offers players "a lot of versatility" in terms of approaching abilities. The Mirage is all about light and illusion, summoning clones, attracting enemy attention, and using the Eclipse ability to grant benefits like increased damage or evasion. The Mirage can also set traps and throw a deadly exploding disco ball.

Lastly, the new Kubrow pet has been added. Obtaining this puppy is the first immediate quest after Vor's Prize. But unlike the Sentinel, Digital Extremes notes that it will "take some time" to mature from a cute puppy to a stronger predator. The Kubrow offers four different genetic traits to choose from, as well as various customization options like mods, colors and patterns.

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