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New Trailer and Screenshots Released for PS3 Exclusive "The Last of Us"


The highly-anticipated, supposed PS3-exclusive game The Last of Us, moved one step closer to a full reveal.  Late last night, the official website for the mysterious game got an update, revealing a new screenshot of the game along with an extended clip of the creepy ant teaser trailer.

It was predicted that the game would be about some time of virus escaping and infecting the world, and judging from the latest slew of screenshots and videos, those rumors are true.  The first ant teaser was found to be a clip from an episode of BBC Planet Earth that focuses on cordyceps, a fungus that gets into ants, takes over their brains, and grows inside them until it kills them.  It is rumored that the game's plot could focus around this fungus infecting humans.

The Last of Us Wallpaper

Similar to the first trailers, neither of the new reveals say much about the game, but the extended trailer does include some strange, creepy sounds at the end.  Ants have never seemed so creepy.  Be sure to listen to the very end.

Some other images were hidden along with the new trailer and screenshot, not labeled under the "screenshot" section.  The photo was found on the server thanks to GamingEverything.  While one of the images is not that revealing, another has quite the hint.

Last of Us teaser image

The second image uncovered has the headline "The Last of Us", with a byline that reads: "The President addresses a panicked nation as millions are feared dead or infected".

The Last of Us teaser image newspaper

Some other notable headlines are "Texas, New Mexico Quarantine Fails" and "England Latest to Declare Martial Law"

Those headlines alone confirm earlier suspicions that the game is about some kind of virus escaping and infecting the world's population.  It also matches up quite nicely with the first trailer released showing tons of clips of riot, panic, and mass chaos.  Right now the game looks to be shaping up as something similar to the Resident Evil games, but hopefully this will restore the creepiness that RE has seemed to lose.

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