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New Titan, Ogre, shown off for Titanfall at Spike VGX

Titanfall, one of the most anticipated shooters for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, has made an appearance at Spike VGX, but instead of showing off some new gameplay, we instead got treated to a completely new Titan called Ogre.

This was surprising since up until now, it was speculated that there was only going to be one kind of Titan.

The Ogre is a little slower but makes up for it in armor. The different Titans will have a sort of rock/paper/scissors mechanic where one Titan will be more effective against some Titans, and less against others.

Titanfall is currently locked in development, meaning the game is completely finished, and is now getting balance tweaks to make the game fair and balanced.

The game is slated to come out March 11th, 2014. For better or for worse, there is no Kinect integration in Titanfall. It's for the better. Definitely for the better.

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