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New Tekken 7 fighter has a freakin' tiger uppercut

Nothing is more dangerous than a tiger that appears at any given moment

Katsuhiro Harada, the game director and chief producer of the Tekken games for the past 20 years has revealed the newest playable character, Kazumi Mishima. This fighter doesn't head to the match alone, she's coming with a friend.

Mishima's fists of fury are emphasized with a tiger that zips in and out of existence. Her uppercuts are enthused with the essence of tiger (she's got a freakin' tiger uppercut!!) -- she's pretty much a badass.

Tekken 7 Kazumi Mishima TIGER UPPERCUT

One of that last characters we spotlighted from Tekken 7 was the Yoshimitsu's design overhaul (he's a squid-bunny-thing now). There are rumors that suggest Tekken 7 will be porting from arcades to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in August with a 24 character roster.

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