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New study breaks down PornHub viewership by console, PS3 in the lead


A new study from adult video aggregate PornHub shows that PlayStation 3 users are the site’s largest gaming demographic, forming 46 percent of their console audience.

Xbox 360 is a close second at 41.4 percent, while Nintendo’s Wii shows a significant gap at 6.4 percent. Surprisingly, even handhelds played a part in the study: PS Vita accounts for 4.5 percent of PornHub’s console traffic; Nintendo 3DS, 1.4 percent.

Gaming consoles have grown exponentially more interconnected in recent years—a trend PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have catapulted forward a few hundred yards—so it comes as no surprise that their media and web functions have been used for adult viewing. Or as PornHub so eloquently puts it: “Why play BY yourself when you can play WITH yourself?”

Stay classy, PornHub.

[PornHub Insights

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