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New SteamWorld Title Coming in 2017

The people who brought us SteamWorld Dig and SteamWorld Heist are back

New SteamWorld Title Coming in 2017

Image & Form Games have recently revealed that they're working on a new SteamWorld title this year. The SteamWorld franchise may not be very well known, but their presentation and art style make them special.

No exact details have been confirmed, but the existence of another SteamWorld project was confirmed in an official vlog released by the developer. They've confirmed a 2017 release and have said more details will be revealed at PAX East in March.

The first SteamWorld game was SteamWorld Tower Defense, a tower defense game sold on the DSiWare in 2010, which would explain why nobody has heard of it. The much better known SteamWorld Dig of 2014 was a 2D platformer set in the SteamWorld  universe, exclusive to the 3DS, but later releasing on PC, PS4, and PS Vita. The game played slightly like Terraria and other 2D digging/exploration games, but it focused more on the story and exploration than crafting. 

SteamWorld Heist switched things up again with a 2D tactical RPG. Think games like XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics but on a 2D plain. It was set in the same universe, but not on the SteamWorld itself, but instead featured space pirates parading around the galaxy. 

While Image & Form has kept  SteamWorld in the 2D perspective for the past two titles, they have changed the genre every time while keeping the world itself a singular entity. It's an interesting concept, changing the genre every time, and really makes fans wonder what the next game will be.

Read our review of SteamWorld Dig and SteamWorld Heist here.

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