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New Star Wars 1313 trailer gives us our first look at Level 1313 and possible next-gen footage


A new Star Wars 1313 trailer from LucasArts has given us our first look at the crime-filled underworld known as "Level 1313" .

The trailer is comprised mostly of footage we've already seen during our E3 gameplay preview, but set to much more dramatic music and voice overs. At the very end is where we get our first brief look at Level 1313, located below the surface of Coruscant.

The gameplay footage highlights the intense action you'll experience in Star Wars 1313, which has been described as a "mature" cover-based third person action-adventure. LucasArts recently commented on the unusually dark take on Star Wars which resulted in the "mature" rating.

It allows them to tell a story, meant for adults, about a lethal bounty hunter who is set out to uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy. It also allows them to create a darker, grittier environment which is what Level 1313 is supposed to be.

A lot of the specific details about Star Wars 1313 are still being kept under wraps, but from what we've seen the game definitely looks promising.

Unfortunately, we still don't have a release date for the game, nor do we know exactly what consoles it will be available for. The impressive graphics and visuals of the game have led many to believe Star Wars 1313 could release on next-gen consoles

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