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New Sea of Thieves developer video talks sailing and treasure hunting in co-op

This might just be the pirate game of our dreams

Sea of Thieves is easily one of the most anticipated games for Xbox One and for good reason. It's an open world pirate game that lets you sail around with friends uncovering treasure and fighting off rival ships with game systems that heavily revolve around teamwork and everyone fulfilling their roles. If you've played something like Guns of Icarus, you might have a good framework for what to expect from the game going forward. 

In Rare's latest Inn-side Story segment, Senior Designers Shelley and Andrew Preston sat down to discuss the game's co-op gameplay, specifically in regards to sailing and treasure hunting. Whoever is sailing the ship does not actually have full control over everything. As it turns out, the person at the helm is sailing blind and it is up to the crew mates to check the map and relay any directional changes to the one steering. That's not to mention the fact that some may need to get behind the cannons or patch the ship up to prevent it from taking on water.

Everyone has a role and if you want to survive, or simply avoid crashing your ship on the rocks, you're going to need to work together. What's also important is that the game forgoes the use of any defined classes, which the Preston pair describes as an intentional design choice. This lets players organically take on roles without a second thought to limitations creating a more natural and open-ended experience. This game can't get here soon enough.

Sea of Thieves will be releasing on Xbox One and PC sometime in 2017.

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