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New screens released for vampiric stealth game DARK

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Kalypso Media released new screens for DARK today, its upcoming stealth-action title for Xbox 360 and PC. In DARK, you play as Eric Bane, a newly turned vampire on a quest to uncover the elder vampires and their sinister plans for humanity. There are RPG elements to the game; as you unravel the mystery behind the powerful global conglomerate Geoforge, you improve your character by developing skill to aid you in stealth or combat. You stalk enemies from the shadows, then use powerful vampire abilities to attack and dispose of them. 

There's melee combat combined with stealth gameplay and the action-oriented vampire special powers. It allows for players to choose if they want to play stealthy or take enemies head-on. 

At last year's E3, I was able to see the game in its alpha state. Even then, I could see what Kalypso was going for. The cel-shaded visuals were a little rough at the time, but from the screens they just released, it's looking very polished now. With its dark, gothic vampire feel and gameplay that allows you to play how you want, DARK has the making of an excellent stealth-action game. 

DARK is scheduled for a summer 2013 release. 

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