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New PS4 update to Warframe still doesn't enable cross-platform play

Warframe PS4 update

One of the best announcement from Digital Extremes was that both PC and PS4 players will be able to play together on the same servers. This is awesome for people like me who have friends on both end of the spectrum. There is however a big caveat to this. Both versions need to be synced up with the same update.

Up until today, PC was on Update 11 Valkyr, while PS4 was stuck on Update 10. However, between the release of Update 11 on PS4, the PC version already had a few minor updates, pushing it to version 11.3. Seeing as how the Warframe account page still isn't allowing me to migrate my PC progress to my PSN account, that means that both versions need to be on the exact same update, and not just the major one.

Hopefully Digital Extremes can work with Sony to push these updates a little quicker, so the days when the two version's aren't in sync don't happen way too often.

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