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New PS Vita accessory adds Dualshock-style grips


There's some gamers out there who will tell you the PlayStation Dualshock controller is perfection. Smooth hand grips fitting comfortably into a palm, putting the controller's various buttons perfectly within reach. Meanwhile, these portable consoles seem barely meant for hands. How can you hold the damn thing without comfort grips?!

Calm down there controller jockey, game accessory maker Datel has you covered, with the "Assist Grip." Slide your PS Vita into the slick plastic housing, and play your downloaded PSone classics the way they were meant to be experienced: Dualshock style. No word yet on whether this accessory will be coming to America, though if you're hoping to have one in time for the PS Vita's North American launch (February 14th), we advise importing it right away!

[Source: Andriasang]

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