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New Prey beta patch brings further fixes to PC version, including save corruption fix

Fix those saves!

Last week, Arkane Studios looked to address a number of game issues on PC with a patch, including the issue that caused corrupted game saves. Unfortunately, the patch did not resolve this issue across all accounts, so Arkane has released another patch to further address issues in the game.

The update is not widely available yet, as it is in beta, but when it releases it will bring a number of various fixes to NPCs, items, FOV, in-game mechanics and save issues.

The Steam beta update v1.03 includes:  

  • Further fixes to prevent save games from becoming corrupted. Fix also returns corrupted save games to uncorrupted state.
  • Items should no longer be incorrectly deleted from inventory or world when changing levels.
  • Fix for stamina not recovering.
  • Fix for being unable to repair items.
  • Player should no longer spawn out of level.
  • Fabricated weapons are now empty.
  • Fix for humans incorrectly turning hostile. Hostile humans in lobby will be returned to friendly.
  • End game credits now always skippable.
  • Aaron Ingram no longer cowers if spooked by a typhon.
  • Fix for various problems making changes in the settings.
  • FOV slider is available in the advanced options menu.

In the patch details, Arkane noted the following: The public-beta-patch branch shares the same game Saves as the default branch. If a previously corrupted Save is fixed by switching to the public-beta-patch branch, switching back to the default branch will reintroduce the chance of corruption (this issue to be fixed in a future patch). If a Save file has been previously edited manually, it may not function properly. 

Deletion of level.dat files may cause game progression to not function properly.

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