New Pokemon X & Y 1.2 update fixes Wonder Trade bugs

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If you've been having some issues with Wonder Trade, specifically with learning new moves while using Wonder Trade, the new Version 1.2 update will fix that issue.

The new update, which replaces Version 1.1 can be downloaded in the Nintendo eShop and contains these fixes for both versions. Nintendo urges players to update their game even if they have already downloaded Version 1.1.

The complete list of fixes is as follows:

  • Fixes the issue where moves which Pokémon learn while evolving with Wonder Trade are not appearing.
  • Fixes the issue where some users can't view the promotion video tagline in the Lumiose City event.
  • Minor changes to the Internet connection method.

This update will become mandatory if you plan on playing Pokemon X & Y online after December 13th.

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