New Playstation 3 Holiday Bundle Details Leaked

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With the holidays steadily approaching, the console war is again heating up, this time in the form of the holiday bundle war. Each season, the big three re-package their flagship systems up in a fancy new box, throwing in some games and accessories to entice buyers. Major Nelson recently announced Microsoft's new pair of holiday bundles, the agressively-priced offers putting the ball in Sony's court. And now it seems Sony has responded with a similar Playstation 3 bundle, at a rumored deep discount.

Though Sony has not officially announced the bundle, leaked images of the box give us all we need to know about the contents: a 160GB PS3 Slim alongside the games LittleBigPlanet2 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, along with 30-days of Playstation Plus as a bonus. But perhaps most exciting about this bundle is the rumored price-point of only $219.99. Considering that a 160GB PS3 currently retails for $249.99, this would make Sony's holiday bundle a crazy good deal, and definitely something Microsoft will be worried about with their own bundles going for $299 and $399. 

Interestingly, this bundle is clearly a "family-friendly" version. It remains to be seen whether Sony will be putting together a "gamer" bundle as well, but we definitely hope so. 

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