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New picture of the Mass Effect themed costumes for Final Fantasy XIII-2


According to and my poorly translated version of their website, the Mass Effect costume will appear on Noel and Serra like in the picture shown in this article.  That is some nice looking N7 armor on these Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters.  Does it stick out?  Does it look bulky?  But does it look awesome – yes to all.

These costumes are said to be released March 27th (next Tuesday).  The cost in Japan is 300 yen for both Xbox 360 and PS3.  That is about $3.75 in US currency but I have no idea how this will translate once information is announced here.

This crossover is both interesting and amusing.  While the Dragon Age and Amalur armor made more sense to me, this one seems like a bit more of a stretch.  Now if the Moogle can transform into an M-8 Avenger assault riffle, we’ll be all set.  Will this lead to Final Fantasy XIII-2 like time traveling DLC for Mass Effect 3 to change the ending… only time can tell (apologies for pun).



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