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New patch to fix old patch in Street Fighter X Tekken coming June 14


Capcom has released details for its upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken patch, which is intended to fix the whole stupid freezing problem that occurs when a knife hits a fireball. Producer Tomoaki Ayano made the announcement on the official Street Fighter X Tekken blog, stating that the patch will be released on June 14.

This is certainly great news for folks who are still playing Street Fighter X Tekken and were affected by the glitch. Me, I stopped trying to get good at that game about a week after I got it. Oh well.

Ayano also revealed that the Wild Card Booster Pack 3 DLC will not be released on June 5 as planned. All other planned DLC is set to launch according to schedule.

All that really matters, though, is that there's a fix coming for that stupid, stupid bug. I wonder if this new patch will come with its own set of problems.


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