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New Mythical Pokemon, Marshadow will be a GameStop giveaway in October

Pokemon Sun and Moon players only.

At long last, Marshadow, the 802nd Pokemon will be making its way to Pokemon Sun and Moon later this Fall courtesy of GameStop. The video games retailer will be giving away codes that can be used to unlock the Mythical pocket monster into your game. Marshadow will come battle ready at Level 50 with a rather intriguing move-set as well as its own Z-Crystal.

Here's the breakdown on Marshadow:

Level: 50

Ability: Technician

Held Item: Marshadium Z


  • Spectral Thief

  • Close Combat

  • Force Palm

  • Shadow Ball

The unique move here is Spectral Thief, which is Marshadow's signature skill. It deals damage and takes any stat boosts that its opponent has, and takes them for itself. It's Marshadium Z crystal unleashes the Pokemon's devastating Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Z-Move, and with its unique Ghost/Fighting typing, there's a lot to like here.

GameStop will be giving away codes beginning on October 9th through the 23rd, so you won't have long to grab yours.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is available now exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.


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