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New MLB The Show 16 trailer pits you against Mets pitcher, Jacob deGrom

You vs deGrom

MLB The Show has become one of Sony's best exclusive IP's known to date. It catches the eye of hardcore baseball fans and casual fans alike its realistic gameplay and its impressive lifelike graphics.
The latest MLB The Show trailer drops you right into the batter's box facing off Met's rising pitcher -- Jacob deGrom, which is both stunning and nerve wrecking at the same time; check out the full trailer above.
MLB The Show 16 plans to take "Road to the Show" to a whole new level by adding a bunch of new features like realistic scouting and showtime perks. Check out the full list of new features down below:
Realistic Scouting
Looking to make The Show even more realistic, MLB The Show 16 will feature Bowman Scout Day, an opportunity for you to display your individual skills for scouts. Your performance during scout day and the showcase games that follow will generate your official MLB scouting report, which is now based on the true-to-life 20-80 scouting grade scale used by MLB teams to determine your draft value.
More Streamlined
Sony's MLB The Show franchise has always been good about allowing you the opportunity to get through a lot of Road to the Show games in a short amount of time. This year, Sony has streamlined that experience even more. You are now able to play a full series of games without ever having to load back to the main menu. You'll have access to the training screen in between games so that you don't miss out on using just-earned points.
Showtime Perks
Speaking of training, an entirely new dimension has been added in the form of unlockable perks. Showtime Perks are bonuses that you acquire by training player attributes. You can then choose to equip these perks and bring them into a game with you.
There are two types of perks:
Consumable perks can be used once per game, but you choose exactly when to use them. Examples include "No Junk," which has the pitcher throw only fastballs, and "Green Light" which will have the hitter take a pitch to allow you to steal.
Passive perks are immediately active once equipped and come into play automatically depending on the situation. Examples of passive perks include "Relaxed Hitter," which fast-forwards to a 2-0 count when the bases are loaded," and "Head Start," which will start off your every at-bat with a 1-0 count.
Showtime, aka Matrix Bullet time 
Perk load outs will impact how much Showtime is added to your meter at the start of each game. The more powerful your perks, the less Showtime you regenerate. So what's Showtime, you ask? Showtime is a new feature that allows you to slow down time at critical moments to make amazing plays, kind of like the Matrix's bullet time. Your Showtime meter will deplete as you use it.
MLB The Show 16 is set to release for PlayStation 4 on March 29, 2016.
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