New Medal of Honor Title Teased in Battlefield 3 Boxes

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Despite poor critical response, Medal of Honor thrived last year, selling more than 5 million units. Because of the success, EA promised a follow up title, and thanks to a leaflet in Battlefield 3 boxes, it may be coming sooner than we all expected. 

The leaflet features a stylised Tier 1 logo and the URL of the unnamed game's website. The logo seems to resemble the sqads highlighted in last year's title: AFO Neptune and AFO Wolfpack. 

In response to the leaflet,  Executive Producer Greg Goodrich stated, "Yes, Danger Close is currently working on the next Medal of Honor," Goodrich wrote. "Since our launch last October, we've studied, listened and absorbed much of your feedback and are very excited to be marching forward on the next title." 

While DICE has already confirmed that they will not be doing yearly Battlefield titles, unlike Call of Duty, there is a definite possibility that we will be seeing a Medal of Honor follow-up next year. Expect more news in the coming months.

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