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New Max Payne 3 Screenshots Show Dual-Wielding, Active Cover


Though the big news from Rockstar Games is the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer slated to drop tomorrow, they haven't forgotten about their other big upcoming title, with a series of four new Max Payne 3 screenshots tantilizing gamers with their awesomeness. As cool as these screens are to behold, it seems worth noting that each seems to give a hint of some yet-unannounced gameplay features.

1) Dual-Wielding

Here we see what looks to be a possible villian for Max, as he seems far too well dressed to simply be some random grunt (he actually looks a bit like Gregory House with glasses). The important thing to take away here is that the man is clearly wielding a submachine gun in one hand, and a standard pistol in the other. From this screenshot, it's safe to assume Max Payne will allow dual-wielding of the various weapons included in the game, and will apparently let players mix and match their firearm of choice. Very cool.


2) Active Cover

Here, a bad guy takes cover from Max's trademark diving attack,assumedly waiting for that bullet time to eat away before leaping up and returning fire. Again, if a bad guy can do it, its safe to assume Max will have the ability as well. We're looking at Gears of War's cover system as a major influence, seeing as how it basically reset the bar for 3rd-person action games like Max Payne. 


3) Interactive Environments

Here we see Max engaged in a warehouse shootout, grabbing hold of a crane and swinging into battle. It remains to be seen how interactive Max Payne's world will be, though this looks very promising.


4) Interrogations?

This last screen isn't as easy to figure out, but considering the previous screens all blatantly demonstrate some gameplay, we're assuming there's something to take away from this one as well. Here Max has an enemy at his mercy, the man suffering a recent gunshot wound (we're going to assume Max is responsible). Given his history as a detective, could Max be tasked with some actual detective work in this game, as opposed to simply killing everybody in sight? He's clearly waiting to dispatch what looks like a simple NPC, and we wonder if perhaps he's pressing the man for clues on an objective.

Overall, the game is looking incredible, though we'll have to wait for the new trailer coming later this month to see if our predictions are correct. Stay tuned until then!

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