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New Mass Effect 3 trailer overload!


BioWare and EA are not holding back on their promotion of the RPG-shooter Mass Effect 3.  Just today they released a plethora of new trailers for our viewing pleasure.  To be honest the advertising is working, for me at least.  As someone who preordered ME3 nearly as soon as possible, these videos are only making my anticipation more severe. 

Take your pick of trailers below; I suggest you watch them all.  The focus of the trailers is on adrenaline pumping gameplay, interactive storytelling, building a customizable arsenal, and ruthless and intelligent enemies.  From the look of these video the AI is going to better than ever; smarter, faster, and brutal.  I like how there are more than just human husks this time.  The Asari husks looks absolutely terrifying – like the stuff of nightmare terrifying. 

Enjoy the videos below.  As a reminder, Mass Effect 3 will be out for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 March 6th.  So yea, less than a month away now.

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