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New Madden NFL 15 video introduces you to The Gauntlet


Welcome to The Gauntlet, bi*ch.

EA Sports has released a new gameplay video for Madden NFL 15 highlighting The Gauntlet, a new mode that offers a series of unique challenges to test your skills in all facets of the game.

Here's the thing about The Gauntlet though, it's set up like an old-school arcade challenge. It features 40 levels of challenging obstacles that you must successfully complete with a limited number of attempts (lives). If you fail, you start over. Oh yea, and did I mention that every five stages of The Gauntlet introduces a Boss Level with a "unique, offbeat" challenge? Because it will -- I'm talking challenges like kicking a 100 yard field goal in hurricane-force winds or, as shown in the video, trying to score a touchdown by running through a field of reporters.

The primary goal of the Guantlet, EA says, is to "provide a fun, approachable way for new users to learn Madden, as well as giving franchise veterans tools to make themselves better and truly challenge their Madden prowess."

Think you have what it takes to conquer The Gauntlet? Find out when Madden NFL 15 releases on August 26.

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