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New Madden NFL 13 screenshots show off Infinity Engine

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A fresh batch of Madden NFL 13 screenshots has been released giving us a look at the all-new Infinity Engine that helps deliver an authentic gameplay experience.

The Infinity Engine is a new physics-driven animation system created for Madden NFL 13 that "influences the outcome of all plays by giving users more accurate physics so that the weight, mass, height and speed of players can all determine the outcome of a play."

A quarterback who gets his arm grazed while throwing a pass will have his throw affected. A running back that falls on the pile, but doesn't actually touch the ground will get up and keep running. It's an all-new system that aims to mimic real-life football as accurately as possible.

The Infinity Engine takes several factors into consideration like collision, weight and mass, unique muscle strengths and tension.

Thanks to this new engine, Madden NFL 13 will feature true player impact and authentic momentum transferring which ensures that no two plays ever look or feel the same.

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