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Folks, I heart Pokemon. I mean, I really, really heart Pokemon. I heart it with all my ... heart! Seriously, Pokemon is one of the few franchises that makes me really happy to be a gamer.

Obviously, I'm not the only Pokefan around. That's why I'm certain it will bring a lot of gamers plenty of joy knowing that a new Legendary Pokemon has been unveiled. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Keldeo!

See that little guy adorning the header of this news article? That's the newest Pokemon, and apparently, the last. Well, for this generation of Pokemon, anyway. Keldeo will take his spot as the final entry in the Pokedex until we get a brand new Pokemon game.

The Water / Fighting type monster will debut in Kyurem vs. The Sacred Swordsmen - Keldeo, the latest entry in the Pokemon movie series. He will later be distributed for Pokemon Black & White, though details on that are scarce at the moment. Watch out for this tough-looking Legendary Pokemon!


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