New legal documents reveal Aliens: Colonial Marines proposed target demographic, PR strategy

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SEGA and Gearbox Software’s shared closet abruptly opened earlier today, allowing another skeleton—legal documentation this time—stemming from Aliens: Colonial Marines to fall unceremoniously onto the Internet.

The documents in question deal with the project’s proposition and focus on the then-unreleased game’s target demographic and approach to public relations. The Consumer Proposition alleges that would-be ACM fans are “as likely to spend an evening watching blockbuster action and science-fiction DVDs as practicing headshots in Modern Warfare 2,” and likely put off by new IP.

“There are so many quality games on the market and not enough time to play them all,” it continues. “It’s better to bank on a known quality. A new spin on an existing game type is probably more attractive than anything too weird.

“After all, you can’t go wrong with a badass shooter,” it concludes.

The project’s PR strategy is just as retrospectively amusing, as it affirms that the studios behind the project should address any controversy promptly and without hesitation, all the while remaining adamant about consistently releasing assets and releases to build buzz for the game. A launch filled with nothing but controversy built by falsified trailers may not have been in the studios' initial calculations. 

Irony so thick not even a knife could cut it. On the up side, Aliens: Colonial Marines is finally entertaining.

[Kotaku via NeoGAF

Austin Wood
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