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New Humble Bundle contains great deals on Double Fine games

Broken Age

The latest Humble Bundle rounds together four games from Double Fine Productions and gives newcomers an "in" to its point-and-click adventure Broken Age — aka the Kickstarter-supported Double Fine Adventure, which raised over $3 million — before it launches.

Customers can pay what they want for Costume Quest, Psychonauts, and Stacking. Spending more than the average (currently about $8) unlocks Brütal Legend. The Humble Bundle also includes soundtracks for Psychonauts and Brütal Legend.

Dishing out $35 or more earns you access to Broken Age's PC and Mac beta, the finished game, and other perks from the "slacker backer" funding tier. Of course, gamers who already own all these titles and simply want to back Broken Age can do so via Double Fine's website.

In addition, payments of $70 or more will get you a Double Fine T-shirt.

As usual with Humble Bundles, donations are split between the developers, charities, and the Humble Bundle organization itself per your discretion.

This deal features higher payment levels than most Humble Bundles, but even if you pay the minimum for the games and included soundtracks, it's a $120 value for very little.

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