New Halo 4 gameplay footage shown at Eurogamer Expo teases 'pivotal' moment in game

Kicking off the Eurogamer Expo, 343 Industries development director Frank O'Connor revealed all-new gameplay footage from the highly-anticipated Halo 4

The footage shown is from the third level of Halo 4, described by O'Connor as a "pivotal part of the game."

"It shows you the Covenant that your used to battling the Prometheans that you're going to be used to, that you're going to learn to hate or love depending on how you look at it. It shows you their conflict and a little bit of a turn in that conflict."

The gameplay is mostly spoiler free, although it does show off some of the cool new weapons and gorgeous environments in Halo 4. The gameplay demo is only about 12 minutes, but you can watch the entire Halo 4 developer session from the Eurogamer Expo here.

Halo 4 was recently announced as going gold which means it's ready for certification and then mass distribution for its eagerly-awaited November 6 release.


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