New H1Z1 screenshots show off Romero's Supermarket

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For those of you who have been following the progress of H1Z1, Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie-survival MMO, are well aware of one of the projects the team has been working it: Romero's Supermarket.

The location was briefly teased a few weeks ago, though at the time it was still very early in production. Today, H1Z1 community manager Greg Henninger gave us a progress update via a series of screenshots

As one would expect, the aisles are bare and the dark, abandoned building is swarming with zombies. I hope whatever may be in there is worth risking your life for because it seems like certain death. I can't wait.

These screenshots are just the latest in a series of teasers for the highly anticipated game. Though the majority of recent talk has been focused on H1Z1's dynamic weather, the developers have been great in giving us sneak peeks at other features, like corpse-eating ravens.

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