New GTA 5 screenshots show off 'The Fast Life'

Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot - Trevor in a strip club Gallery_small_gta_5_car Gallery_small_gta_5_plane_on_fire Gallery_small_gta_5_michael_shooting_gun Gallery_small_gta_5_speed_boat Gallery_small_gta_5_franklin Gallery_small_gta_5_army_helicopter Gallery_small_gta_5_trevor_on_an_atv Gallery_small_gta_5_standoff Gallery_small_gta_5_michael_relaxing Gallery_small_gta_5_yacht Gallery_small_gta_5_franklin_on_bike_shooting

Rockstar has released a new batch of screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5 giving us a "taste of the fast life in Los Santos and Blaine County."

I originally expected nothing but a gallery of GTA 5's hot cars, but I suppose the "fast life" is more metaphorical as the screenshots show off some of the more heart-pounding moments of the game -- like in a strip club, on a burning plane going down, or in the middle of a police chase on an ATV. You know, just the typical stuff you'd expect from a Grand Theft Auto game.

In addition to the screenshots, Rockstar confirmed Grand Theft Auto Online -- the game's intriguing multiplayer mode -- will receive its first "proper unveiling" in August.

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