New Game Informer Cover to Make Old School Gamers "Freak Out"

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Game Informer is no stranger to releasing pretty awesome covers, and yesterday via Twitter Game Informer editor, Andrew Reiner, said old school gamers will "freak out" over the new cover.

The Game Informer staff was already hinting last week that the new cover was one that would shock a lot of people. The game they are revealing in the new issue is one the Game Informer thought people could guess, but it isn't one that is announced. Editor-in-chief, Andy McNamara, went on to say its the developer of the game that is really going to surprise people.

Then, yesterday, Reiner said this via Twitter:

Our next cover is another ‘what the?’ type of reveal. I suspect old school gamers will freak out over this one.”

Luckily, old school and new school gamers won't have to wait too long as the cover will be revealed on January 5.

Heath Hooker
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