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New Fortnite gameplay details revealed


When Epic Games announced Fortnite in December, not much was known about the game.  All we really knew was it was based around survival in a post apocalyptic world overrun with undead creatures.  One of the big thins about the game, however, was the building aspect.

Of course, when you think survival and building, the majority of you probably think Minecraft - the epitome of survival games.  While Lee Perry, Senior Gameplay Designer on Gears 2, admitted Minecraft was an inspiration, he also pointed out some big differences between the two games.

Yesterday, Epic's Design Direct, Cliff Bleszinski, finally revealed some juicy information about Fortnite.

Speaking on G4's Xplay, Cliffy B described Fortnite as "essentially a game that's about social survival.  It's a world that has gone to hell, post apocalyptic.  But its stylized in kind of a Disney, Pixar look."

Style should play a big factor in Epic Games break out of that "dude-bro" gamer mentality that many people pigeonhole their games in.  As for gameplay, Fornite is about survival - as we've heard so many times before.  But how will you survive?

"During the day you go out and you scavenge. You try and find find supplies," Bleszinksi described. "Encumbrance is actually a big factor. You can go out there and start harvesting and harvesting, but when you realize your backpack is three times as big as it's supposed to be, you're going to need to shed some pounds real quick to get back to base.  You come back to your base, you build it up, and then try to survive the night."

In Fortnite, you won't be alone however.  In fact, a big part of the game is your ability to work together with a team of survivors.

"You're not killing other human beings in it; you're teaming up with them to survive," he explained.  "It's one of those games where each player has a role.  I'm a big fan of class-based gaming so as one player may be very good with melee, another player may be very good at construction."

Bleszinksi described the construction in Fornite as lego-like.  But as Perry described when the game was first announced, Fortnite focuses on constructing "buildings" specifically.

Bleszinksi added, "When it comes to construction in Fortnite you're not micro-building so much as building actual planks on the walls.  You're actually building pre-fabbed sections of walls as well as traps and things like that in order to build up your structure.  Once you actually get used to this lego-like structure, anything is possible."

Cliffy B concluded, "A lot of games say they are about survival, but they're more about going out and killing creatures.  This game is truly about enduring."

More about Fortnite's console and release date info should be available in the coming weeks.

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