New facial recognition will help you realize your dream of being Octodad

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FaceRig, a facial recognition software that found its foothold via Indiegogo, allows you to project your facial expressions upon your favorite characters. Naturally, Octodad was first on the list.

FaceRig requires only a webcam and the software itself provided the requested character is available. The team behind the software envisions the ability to pick up a digital persona at the push of a button, but the jungle of red tape that is copyright will inevitably keep some characters off the roster. Fortunately, developer Young Horses, the maniacs behind Octodad: Dadliest Catch, were all too eager to get their titular character in the system.

Visage Technologies, a Sweden-based company, provided the tracking tech for Facerig while it owes its real-time tracking abilities to Holotech Studios—and, of course, the industry veterans no-doubt hard at work on it.

FaceRig could do wonders for mo-cap and recording scripted events, but all I’m seeing in this video is the ability to digitally disguise yourself as a perfectly normal and average human being. 

[via Eurogamer

Austin Wood
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