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New Earthworm Jim game will probably happen


The Earthworm Jim series is great, so it's good to know that a new title will probably be developed down the road. Nothing is set in stone yet, and a new game isn't actually in development, but it may just happen. In a statement to Eurogamer, Shiny Entertainment founder David Perry said that despite no immediate plans at the moment, a new Earthworm Jim game was likely to be created.

The reason the game isn't already in development is because, well, everyone who should be making it is pretty busy at the moment. "It's just a bunch of guys who all have their own thing," said Perry. "Everyone has their own company. So, to get them to stop what they're doing and work on a game is very difficult, but it's something they all want to do."

Despite the busy schedules of these developers, the Shiny Entertainment founder revealed that the group is constantly discussing when and how to bring back Earthworm Jim. One concept features an overweight Jim who's been doing nothing for the last several years. That would certainly make for an interesting comeback. According to Perry, Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel has a different vision for Jim — a much skinnier vision that Perry doesn't necessarily want to see come to fruition.

Speaking of TenNapel, that guy's not all that popular right now on account of his, well, pretty f*cked up statements about gay marriage. I won't be repeating what he said, but you can certainly read all about it yourself. Dude comes off as a total douchebag bigot, which is a damn shame considering how awesome his brainchild of Earthworm Jim is.

But why do I bring up TenNapel and his homophobic remarks? Because Perry mentioned that Kickstarter might be a fun way to approach the creation of a new Earthworm Jim game. And if you've got a guy on board that everyone hates due to his messed up publicized behavior, it's hard to imagine a positive reaction on Kickstarter. Then again, people love Earthworm Jim, so ya never know. And I suppose this could be one of those instances where people have to separate the man from the mind. As a creative mind, TenNapel is a genius, even if he is a crummy man.

If and when a new game in the series is developed, Perry stated that it will be a 2D affair. "2D by definition is just a camera moving with you," he explained. "The answer is, I would do 2D, but if you wanted you could play with the camera a little. But I don't like it when you're doing very 3D, because then your jumps become very hard to predict and then your controller starts breaking. It wouldn't be fun."

So ... would a new Earthworm Jim game be groovy? Also, if the titular protagonist is going to talk, they should totally get the guy who did the voice for Homer Simpson on board.


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