New Dying Light footage shows off night-time gameplay

Dying Light Screenshot - Dying Light

A while back I had the opportunity to play Techland's Dying Light during daytime and nighttime -- two phases in the game that offer totally different gameplay experiences. 

During the day, the zombies are slow, apathetic, and easily visible and avoidable. Basically, the infected don't pose much of a threat. But when the sun goes down, Dying Light becomes a totally different game, one in which you have a clear disadvantage against the infected. The infected at night can run, jump, and climb, leaving no place in this open-world city safe. The overall premise of surviving this apocalyptic outbreak remains the same, but how you go about doing so changes drastically depending on what time of the day it is.

There's really no other way to describe it, so Techland has released some new footage showing off Dying Light. Notice the change in gameplay as it turns from day to night.

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