New Dust 514 trailer teaches us the 'Way of the Mercenary'

CCP Games' new Dust 514 is an interesting concept. Combining a new first-person shooter title with the already-established EVE Online is no easy task, but from what it seems CCP Games is on the right track.

In an all new trailer released today, we get a detailed look at what we'll experience when we enter combat and create a mercenary in Dust 514. From the skill upgrades, to the weapon choices, to the dropsuit selection, each choice you make in Dust 514 will shape your fighting strategy.

Dust 514 is a free-to-play shooter that relies on microtransactions. While you earn money when playing game to use on new equipment, you can also purchase new weapons and items from the store with real cash. The catch is that when you die, you lose your equipped items. See the catch? Still, it's a clever concept and we're really looking forward to Dust 514 when it releases exclusively on PlayStation 3.

Currently, Dust 514 is in closed beta.

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