New Dragon Age Inquisition details: no swimming, combat fixes, more

Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshot - Dragon Age: Inquisition

They’re undoubtedly holding the juicy stuff for Gamescom, but Bioware has dropped a few snippets of Dragon Age information through Twitter—with the help of creative director Mike Laidlaw, that is.

In response to a number of fan questions, Laidlaw has confirmed the following: There will be no swimming in the game of any kind, the issue of archers’ quivers has been fixed since the most recent combat demo, and reviving companions (and presumably your Inquisitor) “takes time and can be interrupted.”

As DualShockers reports, the main storyline of the game will not act as a gatekeeper for side-quests and the like; all activities can be completed without ever beating the game. Presumably in an effort to establish lore, however, companion appearances will not be customizable.

Fortunately, those companions don’t look all that bad by default.

[Twitter via DualShockers]

Austin Wood
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