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New DOOM trailer shows off three new game modes

New stuff!

The rebirth of DOOM earlier this year was a great success in every possible way and the game is still being kept fresh thanks to the updates from developer id Software that keeps on rolling in.

The next big update for DOOM will be bringing some new features to the multiplayer part of the game. As shown in the newly released trailer these new features come in the forms of new game modes and players can expect three new modes to come in the near future. The new modes are Deathmatch, Private Matches, and Arcade Mode.

Both Deathmatch and Private Matches will arrive later this month as part of the "Free Update 3" and they are both quite self-explanatory, Deathmatch is the good old "you vs. everyone else" mode, and Private Matches lets players set up custom games of their own by picking maps, rules, modes, and all that. Arcade Mode is scheduled for a later date and will be a competitive addition to the story campaign, this mode will also come as a free update.

While the trailer above shows a sneak peek of what's to come id Software will host a live stream with all of the new content on September 13 at 11am PT at

Now that it is confirmed that DOOM will be getting one of the most iconic modes of all time, Deathmatch, we just have to wait for the official announcement of a retro mode because DOOM 2016 in DOOM 2 style looks awesome.

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