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New Dollar Dash trailer offers customization

For you Dollar Dash fans out there, March 6th realllly isn’t that far off. This party/action game pits you against three other players in wacky antics. The game focuses not only on gaining as many points as possible in a match, but screwing over your opponents in the process to assure your victory. Will you go hard for the points or will you just try to steal them? Your gameplay style is all up to you.

In Kalypso Media’s newest video, you get a glimpse of some of the customization options that will be available in the game. Do you want to rock the Jason look with a hockey mask? Look like a pirate? How about a king? Much like the gameplay style, it’s all up to you. Check out the video above and start planning your little dude.    

Check out our latest impressions of Dollar Dash, but keep in mind this was from late last year.

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