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New Dishonored trailer shows off multiple and crafty ways to make your 'Daring Escape'

I was lucky enough to be able to get a full demonstration of Dishonored at E3 this year, and if you recall my Preview, I was damn excited about it.

What I loved most about the entire thing is the freedom you have as a player. I'm not just talking about the freedom of movement, which is very much there in Dishonored, but the freedom to tackle various objectives completely differently.

In this latest trailer, we get to see three completely different ways to escape your pursuers, and all equally as impressive.

Will you opt to use your teleport/jump ability to escape? Perhaps you'd much rather take care of all your enemies by putting them to sleep before you make your great escape? Or would you rather possess your enemies, and waltz away unnoticed?

How you choose to play is completely up to you, and that's something I have to hand to Dishonored, that it truly brings that freedom to the forefront and embraces it. Many games tout the freedom and choice of how you want to play the game, but it seems that Dishonored is making it a reality.

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